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Tutoring is a way of learning with some extra help. There are a variety of options available for those and can be a great way to focus on a particular subject or skill. Where do you go when you need an extra hand? is the smartest way of tutoring. More about their journey, we’ll explore in today’s reading ? The Team behind the startup At the moment, we are

StepFWD Story – Talentsmove

Remote work has many perspectives, and new trends in Human Recruitment are being encouraged. Identifying the perfect candidate, making the hiring process more transparent, and humanizing it have become a necessity. Talentsmove mission is to humanize the recruiting process. Let’s find out more from the founders. The Team behind the startup Our team consists of three professionals with diverse skill sets. Vlad is the CEO and the driving force behind

StepFWD Story – Morph

This is for all creatives out there! If you want to generate ideas and strive for creative ones, Morph is the answer. Two amazing founders with a fresh perspective and experience in the field propose a solution to make asynchronous creative processes easier. Ana and Cătălina are the people behind Morph. Let’s hear some ideas from them ? The Team behind the startup A: Driven humans, Smart, Curious, Creative, Independent,

StepFWD Story – ValueMD

The founder’s energy was amazing and he had a go-to-solve attitude for problems. He found a problem and tried to give a solution to reduce unnecessary rehospitalizations. Today’s story is about one of our 2022 alumni: ValueMD. The Team behind the startup Hi, we are Nick and Sorin and we want to make an impact in the field of medicine by providing an analytics platform that reduces unnecessary rehospitalizations. Sorin

Why should you pre-accelerate with StepFWD?

Before diving into what you will actually get by spending your time with us during a couple of intense pre-acceleration weeks, I believe it would be helpful for any founder to have some insights into why are we (still) doing StepFWD! Being honest and straight to the point are 2 things that we value and proactively practice, as they are the fundamental things in working towards achieving our mission. So

StepFWD your Sales

This article is one of the 8-part series of evergreen topics that all startup founders face. It is based on what the mentors actually teach startups during the StepFWD pre-accelerator.  Our thanks go to Gv Freeman, Founder Coach & Growth Strategist, for helping founders efficiently sell their products. Sales primer If we assume that we are living in the fantasy world of the “10 easy steps to completely achieve X”,

StepFWD your Fundraising

This article is one of the 8-part series of evergreen topics that all startup founders face. It is based on what the mentors actually teach startups during the StepFWD pre-accelerator.  Our thanks go to Ciprian Borodescu, Head of Algolia (AI R&D) Romania, for helping founders efficiently raise their next investment round. Fundraising primer Before starting to think about getting an investment, you need to first decide why you want to

Meet the StepFWD lead mentors and find out what they can do for you

As we moved the program online for this years’ edition, we realized that we had to make the activities shorter, more focused, and tailored to each startup’s needs.  One way we aim to achieve these goals is to work closely with lead mentors throughout the 8-week program, a role that I will better detail below. Who are the lead mentors? The StepFWD lead mentors are experienced entrepreneurs or people who

Shadowing Techstars

We at StepFWD strive every day to make one the best programs for tech entrepreneurs in Romania. And although our team has experience both with organizing and participating in acceleration programs, we are aware that we still have a lot to learn. So it seemed natural to go and shadow those that helped shape the concept of an accelerator, which are also one of the top 3 acceleration programs in

What I’ve learned from my failed startups

When I started thinking about writing this article, I faced a dilemma. Should I share some “classical” startup learnings packaged in a standard format that you can find in other million articles? Or should I risk writing bluntly and honestly about what actually happened? When faced with these 2 options, I took 10 seconds of hard thinking before I  decided to go with the second approach. I am aware that