Accelerating Innovation: Meet the 20 Promising Startups Joining StepFWD Together

In the bustling tech landscape of CEE Region, innovation is thriving, and a new wave of startups is ready to reshape various industries. StepFWD Together accelerator has just announced the selection of 20 exceptional early-stage tech startups for its Phase 1 program. Spanning the next two months, these startups will embark on an accelerated growth journey, gaining invaluable skills and mentorship through StepFWD Together’s structured curriculum. As the initial phase

Navigating the Startup Product Journey – Interview with Alin Păușan, mentor StepFWD Together

In the exciting journey of StepFWD Together’s Phase 1 – Learn and Connect, our enrolled startups are in for a transformative experience. As part of this dynamic accelerator program, they will have the invaluable opportunity to participate in a hands-on workshop dedicated to the intricate world of product development, led by Alin Păușan. With a rich background as a product manager at base and extensive experience collaborating with early-stage startups

Mastering the Art of Pitching: Tips from the Experts: Andrei Munteanu

In the vibrant startup ecosystem, a successful pitch isn’t merely a presentation; it’s the gateway to a world of possibilities. Whether it’s securing vital funding, forging transformative partnerships, or captivating an audience, the art of pitching is a skill that every entrepreneur must master. And here at StepFWD, we’re thrilled to announce that in Phase 1 of our program, “Learn and Connect,” Andrei Munteanu, an esteemed expert and Community Manager

Scaling Up: Navigating the Complex Landscape of Startup Growth with Irina Scarlat

Embarking on the thrilling journey of startup growth is like navigating a vast and complex landscape, filled with challenges, opportunities, and uncharted territories. At StepFWD, we understand that growth isn’t just about numbers; it’s a holistic process that encompasses everything from user acquisition to brand recognition and revenue expansion. In our commitment to providing invaluable guidance and expertise, we are thrilled to announce that Irina Scarlat, an accomplished entrepreneur, seasoned

Diversity in Action: Practical Steps for a More Inclusive Startup Ecosystem

The StepFWD 2022 Diversity Report shed light on the current state of diversity in the Romanian startup ecosystem. But knowing the challenges is only half the battle. The real question is, how do we move forward? Understanding the Current Landscape: The report highlighted that while many startups value diversity, there’s a gap between intention and action. Almost a third of startups have plans to improve diversity, but there’s a need

Unlocking the Next Level: Dive into the “Growth & Funding” Phase of StepFWD Together Accelerator

In the world of startups, acceleration is not just about speed but direction. At StepFWD, we’ve always believed in guiding startups not just to grow fast, but to grow right. With the launch of our StepFWD Together accelerator, we’ve taken this commitment a notch higher. After the whirlwind of the “Learn and Connect” phase, we’re excited to introduce the next chapter: the “Grow” phase. This phase is designed to provide

Building the Right Startup Team: Insights from Tudor Birlea

As we gear up for the next phase of StepFWD Together, we’re thrilled to announce that Tudor Birlea, Founder & CEO at Freya Sense and a seasoned entrepreneur, will be leading our workshop on ‘Building a Team’. With his rich experience in the startup ecosystem and a keen understanding of consumer psychology, Tudor brings invaluable insights to the table. We sat down with him to delve deeper into the nuances

Harnessing the Power of Diversity in the Romanian Startup Ecosystem

The Romanian startup ecosystem is a vibrant and evolving space. Yet, as with many entrepreneurial landscapes, the question of diversity has been a pressing one. In 2022, StepFWD took the initiative to delve deep into understanding the nuances of diversity within this ecosystem. The results? Both enlightening and a call to action. The Spectrum of Diversity: Diversity is not just about gender. It encompasses age, nationality, neurodiversity, race & ethnicity,

StepFWD Together: A New Frontier in Accelerating Diverse Technology Startups

Exciting news awaits the technology startup community! StepFWD is back with a brand-new program – StepFWD Together, a novel initiative crafted to fuel the growth of early-stage startups. This time, we’ve partnered with Startup Norway and Innovation Norway, and have the unwavering support of Bitdefender and Google for Startups. Together, we’re forging an unparalleled path for startups, offering an incredible opportunity for diverse teams looking to accelerate their journey to

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