This is for all creatives out there! If you want to generate ideas and strive for creative ones, Morph is the answer. Two amazing founders with a fresh perspective and experience in the field propose a solution to make asynchronous creative processes easier.

Ana and Cătălina are the people behind Morph. Let’s hear some ideas from them 😃

The Team behind the startup

A: Driven humans, Smart, Curious, Creative, Independent, Optimists I could actually go on :))

C: I will start with the team. So, I guess this is the two of us: two super smart and driven people, with a voice of their own, somehow getting aligned or drawn by a super cool place to be in the world: solving and creating something big. We do really dream big and I think what keeps us on track, despite many hard moments, is humour. And bubbles. We like it in our glasses some evenings (Prosecco) or in our coffee in the summer (tonic coffee).

The “why” behind this project

A: Creativity is high up there for me as a value, almost. Has always been because I think we desperately need it as species to do better. What sucks about it and where the opportunity is,  is that is not straightforward, to teach or to understand. But when you engage in the process, when tens of people engage in it, the way we know it works, change happens. And when we’ll be able to do that at scale, we’ll know we can help make some big changes, to products, in companies, maybe even countries.

C: It picked me. Actually, it chased me for 3 months. I was too caught up with projects and client work so I was failing to see the obvious. The good thing is I try to surround myself with people that are smarter and more experienced and also bring other perspectives. So, the idea of building this product for something I so well did in my projects, was brought to me… And what did I do? Initially? Nothing (sometimes it takes you longer to sleep on things, but they grow inside).

And then it seemed so natural. I like it, I know it enough right now to make it good, and we’re curious as f$$k to always look and learn and adapt and make it better. I guess somehow that’s why we’re not afraid to talk so openly without NDAs about what we’re doing, and we did so from the beginning because we know it changed so much and it will continue to change. I am super grateful to be in such a nice challenge, where learning about how to make this product better is such an excitement.

Why StepFWD?

A: The people. I mean, that should be the reason why someone should join. Because it’s basically having a lot of conversations with a lot of people and you have to care for their opinion, to take the time of trying out their solution to your problem when there are a thousand roads you could take.

C: Some people we trust advised us to join so we started looking into it.  I personally knew a lot of the people involved so we decided to join although we knew it will be a busy time, but, then, hey, we needed to nail some sweet spots we had.

Good match with the StepFWD program?

A: I think I speak for both of us that we feel we are professional jugglers.  For clients, we’re product builders. For investors, we’re business builders. For people, we’re team builders. And then you have a personal life, hopefully. It’s a fun rollercoaster if you’re usually up for them 🙂

C: The sessions were super valuable, honest and insightful. I like the authenticity of the mentors and the contextual input for us.

One piece of advice before joining a pre-accelerator

A: To make sure they can commit to the process, time and energy-wise. Because it’s a lot more fruitful when you start implementing the learnings right away, to test what works and what doesn’t, and then switch things up if they don’t. That takes energy. And grow a thick skin before, please. You’re asking for answers that most probably won’t be music to your ears.

C: Choose wisely, know why you join, be deliberate, and make the most out of the resources you feel you need for the stage you’re at with your business.

Did not manage to see Cătălina on the virtual stage? Check the live of the Demo Day StepFWD 2022!