Cookie Policy

Last updated 12th of May 2022

In the interest of giving our Site an attractive appearance and in order to allow the use of certain functions, we use cookies on various pages of our Site available at ("Site"). The purpose of this cookie policy ("Cookie Policy") is to inform users about how SC. Always StepFWD S.R.L., a company incorporated under the Romanian law, having its headquarters in Bucharest, Str. Vintila Mihailescu 4 Bl. 42a Sc. A Et. 6 Ap. 19, Tax Code 44681770, registered with the Trade Registry under no. J40/13253/2021 ("StepFWD", "us") uses cookies on the Site.

This Cookie Policy is supplemented with the Privacy Policy and with the Terms of Use of the Site.

1.   What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files consisting of letters and numbers, which are stored on a user’s device (computer, mobile terminal or other equipment) when accessing the Internet. Cookies are installed by request sent by a web-server to a browser and are completely passive, meaning that they do not contain software, viruses or spyware and cannot access the information on the user's hard disk.

Cookies provide the user with a pleasant experience of accessing and browsing a website by providing features such as language options, saving registration data, relevant advertising, shopping cart.

The use of cookies does not imply the request for personal data and, in most cases, does not identify the users.

2.   Types of cookies

Most of these cookies used by us will be erased from your hard drive immediately after your browser session (so-called session cookies).

Other cookies remain saved to your computer's hard drive and enable us to recognize your computer in the event of a later visit to our website (so-called persistent cookies). It is particularly these cookies that allow us to make our Site more user-friendly, effective and safe.

3.   Cookies lifetime

The lifetime of a cookie may significantly vary, depending on the purpose for which it is placed. As mentioned above, certain cookies are used exclusively for a single session (session cookies) and are deleted once the user leaves the website, while other cookies are kept and reused each time the user comes back to the respective website (persistent cookies). However, the cookies may be deleted at any time by modifying the browser settings.

4.   Third-party cookies

Generally, cookies can be installed by the operator of the website the user is visiting (so-called first-party cookies) or by other websites (so-called third-party cookies). Note that this Cookie Policy does not cover the use of cookies by such third parties and for more information about such cookies, please access their cookie policies.

5.   Restrict and delete cookies

If you wish, you can limit or delete the cookies using your internet browser settings. However, we remind you that, in the event of limited cookie settings on your computer, you will not be able anymore to use all functions of our Site to the fullest extent possible. For example, your session would be more exposed to Cross-Site Request Forgery attacks.

To change browser settings, you can access the "Help" section of your browser, or you can directly access the following links:

You can learn more about changing settings by accessing the following link:

6.   Categories of cookies used on our Site

The cookies used on our Site are categorized as follows:

Performance. These cookies collect information about how you use our Site – e.g. which pages you visit and if you experience any errors.

Analytics cookies. These cookies are used to collect aggregate information on the number of visitors and on how they use the Site.

Functional cookies (strictly necessary for the Site functionality). These cookies allow us to control a number of parameters, such as memorizing user preferences for using cookies.

Session cookies. These cookies allow the user to login to the Site without entering their credentials.

Security cookies. These cookies protect the user and its data from different malicious actions of third parties.

7.   Cookies used on our Site

The cookies used on the Site are listed in the following tables:

First Party Cookies
Cookie name Category Type Purpose Strictly necessary Duration Domain source
cookieconsent_status Functional cookie Persistent cookie Used for saving user preferences for using cookies yes 1 year
XSRF-TOKEN Security cookies Session cookie Written to help with site security in preventing Cross-Site Request Forgery attacks yes session end
Third Party Cookies
Cookie name Category Type Purpose Strictly necessary Duration Domain source
1P_JAR, CONSENT Analytics, Performance Persistent cookie Set by Google. This group sets a unique ID to remember your preferences and other information such as website statistics and track conversion rates. Google’s policies can be viewed at no 1 month
8.   Contact

If you have any questions or concerns about this Cookie Policy or its implementation, you can contact us at