StepFWD Story – Bright Living

The interaction with the next team was flawless from the beginning. This is because the founders are so dedicated, and their mission is to bring inner peace closer to us. The selection interview was the first contact in the context of StepFWD, and we know that it’s a perfect match.  Guessed the team? Well…  Today we find more things about Ema and Chris, the people that build Bright Living. Bright

StepFWD Demo Day 2021

On November 22, StepFWD will have the 3rd Demo Day. The 2021 Cohort will showcase their progress through the 8-weeks pre-accelerator in front of an audience of entrepreneurs, investors, industry professionals, and the extended community.   Throughout the 8 weeks, the selected startups have been through an intensive experience. StepFWD has brought together 54 mentors with diverse backgrounds, from entrepreneurs and investors, all the way to professionals from the tech industry.

StepFWD Story – gopostly

Let’s begin to introduce to you the amazing teams that are part of the 2021 Cohort of StepFWD pre-accelerator! The first one in the spotlight is … gopostly!  gopostly is the app that connects tourists with shops and couriers worldwide.  Let’s find out more about the founders. The Team behind the startup Cosmin: We started this startup journey as two gopostly co-founders, with the goal of creating a useful product

Let’s find out the startups from the 2021 Cohort

It’s time to show you the amazing teams that joined our program this year. The 2021 cohort is the 3rd cohort. The magic number, right? They come from a diverse range of industries and just to name a few – well-being, medtech all the way to human resources and music industry. Let’s dig in. Bright Living brings the mental health support platform in Romania through audiovisual content with mindfulness and

StepFWD 2021 – 8 weeks overview

StepFWD is the pre-accelerator program designed for early-stage tech startups with diverse teams. We strongly believe in helping founders to achieve their potential and we do so through several activities and mentorship sessions that take place during the 8-week program.  If you’re a startup that is considering applying to StepFWD 2021, we hope this article will help shed light not only on what goes on during the program but also

Your lead mentor, your dedicated coach

Talking with an experienced mentor can help you validate your assumptions and avoid common pitfalls, which cost you both money and time (you don’t have). In your journey in the online pre-accelerator, a lead mentor will be by your side every step of the way. Let’s find out more about this role 👇 Who are the lead mentors? The StepFWD lead mentors are experienced entrepreneurs or people who have been

StepFWD your Sales

This article is one of the 8-part series of evergreen topics that all startup founders face. It is based on what the mentors actually teach startups during the StepFWD pre-accelerator.  Our thanks go to Gv Freeman, Founder Coach & Growth Strategist, for helping founders efficiently sell their products. Sales primer If we assume that we are living in the fantasy world of the “10 easy steps to completely achieve X”,

Lessons learned from MorphL’s acquisition

My experience as a founder consists of two startups: the first one, Appticles, which we closed in 2018, and the 2nd one – MorphL, which Algolia acquired in January 2021. The first startup was … let’s say that my co-founder Ciprian Borodescu and I made many mistakes. After raising a small seed round at the beginning of 2014, we failed to generate enough revenue or secure a follow-on investment. After

Advice for the next great generation of diverse startups

Starting the path of entrepreneurship could be very challenging at first but also very rewarding and exciting. There is no end to the struggle, starting with the financial aspect and marketing all the way to customer development and running your company.  But remember, you’re not alone.  Search for qualitative advice from people that have been through the same challenges as you. Search for a support system that helps you gain

📢 Epic Visits is on Seedblink

Our #StepFWDAlumniEpic Visits, co-founded by entrepreneurs Raluca Jianu, Mihai Bârsan, Bogdan Jianu and Emanuel Pasat, starts on July 8 a crowdfunding campaign on SeedBlink. Epic Visits is a self-service travel platform where travelers can create their special getaways based on their style and preferences. The platform is for those who need inspiration for memorable travels and are looking for solutions that suit their lifestyle. A hybrid between a travel agency and a booking platform, Epic Visits