StepFWD Story – Talentsmove

Remote work has many perspectives, and new trends in Human Recruitment are being encouraged. Identifying the perfect candidate, making the hiring process more transparent, and humanizing it have become a necessity. Talentsmove mission is to humanize the recruiting process. Let’s find out more from the founders. The Team behind the startup Our team consists of three professionals with diverse skill sets. Vlad is the CEO and the driving force behind

StepFWD Story – Morph

This is for all creatives out there! If you want to generate ideas and strive for creative ones, Morph is the answer. Two amazing founders with a fresh perspective and experience in the field propose a solution to make asynchronous creative processes easier. Ana and Cătălina are the people behind Morph. Let’s hear some ideas from them ? The Team behind the startup A: Driven humans, Smart, Curious, Creative, Independent,

StepFWD Story – ValueMD

The founder’s energy was amazing and he had a go-to-solve attitude for problems. He found a problem and tried to give a solution to reduce unnecessary rehospitalizations. Today’s story is about one of our 2022 alumni: ValueMD. The Team behind the startup Hi, we are Nick and Sorin and we want to make an impact in the field of medicine by providing an analytics platform that reduces unnecessary rehospitalizations. Sorin

Mailing lists. How to use them to update mentors, team, and investors on your startup progress

A mailing list can be a useful tool for founders in order to keep people updated on their progress and plans. A first-time founder and founders in general should update mentors, advisors, and investors regularly, but also be mindful of their time and not overburden them with unnecessary information. It’s important to be transparent and honest about the progress and challenges of the company and to clearly communicate any major

Mistakes you’re making as a founder

Building your company is hard. Startups are scary. Maybe you’ll feel like is the first day of kindergarten on repeat. Except you don’t actually know where the classroom is, or even where your school is. If you are a first-time founder, maybe your startup is grounded on mistakes, or maybe not. If your startup is holding, it’s possible that not all mistakes are big. Some are small, like the time

What an entrepreneur should pay attention to when trying to find the right mentor

What is the meaning of a mentor? Theoretically, a mentor is an experienced and trusted person who advises or trains someone. But, more practically, a mentor is someone you rely on to give you advice and guidance, especially in your career.  When choosing a mentor, there are some qualities you should pay more attention to. The top three qualities to look for in a mentor 1. GIVER someone who likes

How Google helps StepFWD startups in their entrepreneurial journey

We are delighted to have Google for Startups as partners at StepFWD from the beginning of our initiatives. Because of this, we wanted to take a moment to thank them for all their continuous support in helping us make the tech entrepreneurial ecosystem more diverse and inclusive while having tens of startup founders launch their businesses packed with the skills needed to succeed.  Recently, we sat down with Dan Oros,

9 teams join this year’s StepFWD pre-accelerator cohort

StepFWD is the pre-accelerator that supports technology startups with diverse teams in the early stages of development and aims to balance the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Romania through personalized, hands-on experience for 9 weeks. The 2022 edition happens online from 24 October to 16 January 2023. Teams will have the opportunity to showcase their progress in the program during the online Demo Day event on 16 January 2023. This year’s edition

What is and what isn’t the lead mentor

Talking with an experienced mentor can help you validate your assumptions and avoid common pitfalls, which cost you both money and time (you don’t have). In your journey in the online pre-accelerator, a lead mentor will be by your side every step of the way. Let’s find out more about this role ? Who are the lead mentors? The StepFWD lead mentors are experienced entrepreneurs or people who have been

Why having a diverse team can contribute to a startup’s success

Did you know that companies that are diverse, are 35% more likely to gain higher financial returns according to research made by (McKinsey, 2015)? That’s mainly because having a startup that prioritizes diversity and inclusion leads to increased creativity, improved decision-making, and faster problem-solving. When we’re surrounded by people like us, there’s a tendency for everyone to agree on the same things, or have similar weaknesses and blindspots. A more