Exciting news awaits the technology startup community! StepFWD is back with a brand-new program – StepFWD Together, a novel initiative crafted to fuel the growth of early-stage startups. This time, we’ve partnered with Startup Norway and Innovation Norway, and have the unwavering support of Bitdefender and Google for Startups. Together, we’re forging an unparalleled path for startups, offering an incredible opportunity for diverse teams looking to accelerate their journey to success.

StepFWD Together: Accelerating Growth, Uniting Diverse Teams

This inaugural edition of StepFWD Together is set to be a game-changer. As we continue our dedication to promoting diversity, inclusion, and balanced perspectives, we’re inviting tech startups with existing products and early user bases to embark on this transformative journey.

Empowering Startups for Success

Our new program is designed to empower startups seeking opportunities for rapid growth, learning, and investment. If your team is focussing on refining your product and propelling your startup forward, StepFWD Together is the catalyst you’ve been searching for.

Program Highlights

StepFWD Together will run for seven months, starting from October 2023 to April 2024, offering a comprehensive growth experience for selected startups. We’ve restructured the program to include two distinct phases:

Learn and Connect

During the first two months, startups will engage in workshops tailored around essential themes, including team building, product management, growth strategies, smart founding, and pitching techniques. These immersive sessions will help you fine-tune your approach and connect with seasoned entrepreneurs, industry experts, and investors. Our Demo Day, held in mid-December, will serve as a platform to showcase your progress to a network of over 200 influential stakeholders from the startup ecosystem.


The second phase, spanning from January to April 2024, will cater to the needs of the most promising startups from the initial cohort. Each team will receive dedicated mentorship from successful entrepreneurs, industry experts, and a StepFWD Together representative. This personalized approach aims to bolster your startup’s growth and set you on a trajectory toward sustainable success.

Powerful Partnerships for Greater Impact

We are thrilled to collaborate with Startup Norway, a key player in the Scandinavian startup ecosystem. This partnership brings forth invaluable expertise, providing you with access to larger markets and potential investors in the region. Alongside our partners, Innovation Norway, Bitdefender, and Google for Startups, we are committed to creating a thriving ecosystem for startups to thrive.

A Message from the Heart

Liviu Cadariu, Program Director of StepFWD Together, shares his excitement, stating, “StepFWD Together is a new chapter in our journey to empower startups. We are thrilled to partner with Startup Norway, an exceptional collaboration that will open doors to new markets and opportunities. Together, we aim to create a vibrant community of diverse startups, fostering innovation and unlocking potential like never before.”

Join StepFWD Together and Forge Your Path to Success!

We encourage all eligible startups to seize this incredible opportunity and be part of StepFWD Together’s inaugural edition. To apply, simply visit our website, www.stepfwd.today, and submit your application before the deadline. Let’s unite diverse teams, embrace innovation, and pioneer change together – StepFWD!