In the bustling tech landscape of CEE Region, innovation is thriving, and a new wave of startups is ready to reshape various industries. StepFWD Together accelerator has just announced the selection of 20 exceptional early-stage tech startups for its Phase 1 program. Spanning the next two months, these startups will embark on an accelerated growth journey, gaining invaluable skills and mentorship through StepFWD Together’s structured curriculum. As the initial phase of “Learn and Connect” concludes, only the top 6, the most promising of the lot, will move forward in Phase 2 – Growth and Funding.  The program aims to equip participants with the tools to refine their offerings, boost traction, and ultimately transform their ambitious visions into sustainable businesses. Let’s take a closer look at these visionary teams and the remarkable journey they’re about to embark on.

Alt.Real (Bucharest, Romania) – Transforming Solar Energy Accessibility

Most people and SMEs aspire to harness renewable energy but face hurdles like high costs and complex processes. Alt.Real addresses this by offering end-to-end photovoltaic solutions. Their solar energy marketplace connects individuals and SMEs with vetted installation companies, financial institutions, EU funds consultants, and insurance products.

Blume Technologies (Timișoara, Romania) – Enhancing Traffic Safety with AI

Blume Technologies is on a mission to improve traffic safety, starting with unsignaled pedestrian crossings. Their innovative solution employs video cameras and AI to detect pedestrians, predict their actions, and warn drivers using LED indicators, reducing the risk of accidents.

Businessverse (Bucharest, Romania) – Unlocking Qualified Leads for B2B

Businessverse provides a B2B business platform that connects companies with verified opportunities, relevant users, and valuable resources in a safe, managed environment. Their aim is to streamline the process of finding and capitalizing on business opportunities.

Cars Central (Bulgaria) – Digitalizing the Automotive Industry

Cars Central empowers businesses and stakeholders with an all-in-one communication and management toolset for customers, services, products, and partners. Their digitalization efforts are revolutionizing customer service and experiences in leasing, automotive, and insurance industries.

Conta25 (Iași, Romania) – Empowering Accounting Companies

Conta25 helps accounting firms identify loss-making clients, streamline communication, and optimize workload allocation. Their practice management software transforms client interactions into seamless experiences, bolstering profitability analysis.

ERDA (Bucharest, Romania) – AI-Driven Customer Support Efficiency

ERDA is on a mission to save time in customer support teams. They’ve developed an AI-powered proxy that autonomously resolves up to 65% of customer inquiries. ERDA’s AI technology understands customer intent without the need for complex branching logic workflows.

Extracta (Bucharest, Romania) – Harnessing AI to Extract Data tackles the laborious task of sifting through unstructured documents. Their AI-based solution swiftly extracts essential data, transforming chaotic documents into actionable insights. This innovation enables seamless data integration into software workflows.

iCamin (Bucharest, Romania) – Digitizing Nursing Home Management

iCamin is a SaaS solution for nursing homes, focusing on efficient management while delivering paperwork ten times faster. Their aim is to improve the management of nursing homes, ensuring a better quality of life for residents.

Legalì (Bucharest, Romania) – Revolutionizing the Legal Sector

Legalì addresses inefficiencies in the legal sector by automating routine tasks and offering tailored legal assistance through AI. Their platform integrates individualized AI models and blockchain technology to enhance productivity, reduce costs, and streamline processes.

MonadFidelity (Oradea, Romania) – Boosting Sales Through Loyalty Programs

MonadFidelity addresses the challenge of increasing sales in physical stores through loyalty programs. Their platform offers loyalty solutions for end clients and salespeople, designed to enhance customer retention and boost profits.

OneSyncs (Moldova) – Optimizing IT Performance Management

OneSyncs aims to help IT companies save money by improving performance management and employee engagement. Their platform offers continuous progress tracking, user collaboration, goal-setting, and feedback throughout the year.

Ordonat (Cluj, Romania) – Revolutionizing Home Maintenance

Ordonat is revolutionizing home maintenance with a user-friendly app. From cleaning to pest control, their platform connects users with trusted providers. Their goal is to create a seamless solution for home maintenance.

Pocket IP (Ukraine) – Global Trademark Portfolio Management

Pocket IP offers easy and affordable trademark portfolio management, providing docketing, searching, monitoring, and action-request features, all in one place. Their solution simplifies the management of trademark portfolios worldwide.

QuickLegal (Bucharest, Romania) – Simplified Access to Legal Services

QuickLegal aims to make legal services more accessible to individuals and SMEs by matching them with specialized lawyers through an online platform. Their solution also includes automation of legal proceedings and an AI-powered robo-attorney.

RespiroTechnologiesPrioritizing Mental Health

RespiroTechnologies addresses the need for efficient and integrated mental health solutions. Their platform helps individuals understand their emotions, collaborate with therapists, and practice mindfulness exercises. For therapists, Respiro offers a web app for assigning homework.

ROCCO (Brașov, Romania) – Enhancing Quick-Service Restaurants

ROCCO is a web app kiosk and loyalty platform designed to boost quick-service restaurants’ profitability. It offers self-ordering capabilities similar to kiosks, increasing order values, and employs loyalty programs to enhance customer retention and profitability.

SnowMania (Sinaia, Romania) – Elevating Outdoor Sports Experiences

SnowMania is all about delivering seamless outdoor sports experiences through a dedicated sports platform. Based in Sinaia, Romania, this startup is on a mission to connect sports enthusiasts with thrilling outdoor adventures. Their platform offers a diverse range of outdoor sports activities, making it easier for users to discover and enjoy their favorite sports while promoting an active lifestyle.

TinyERP (Cluj, Romania) – Revolutionizing SMB Operations

TinyERP is streamlining sales, production, and inventory management for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Their intuitive digital solutions simplify complex business processes, helping SMBs make informed decisions, enhance productivity, and boost revenue. TinyERP aims to empower SMBs with the tools they need to thrive in the modern business landscape.

Ulpia (Noa dent research) (Cluj, Romania) – AI-Driven Healthcare Transformation

Ulpia is at the forefront of improving healthcare efficiency through AI-powered diagnostic and treatment planning tools. Their innovative solutions are designed to provide accurate medical diagnostics and personalized treatment planning, ultimately enhancing healthcare outcomes. Ulpia’s commitment to healthcare innovation is poised to make a substantial impact on the industry.

Vollm (Bucharest, Romania) – Revolutionizing Customer Support with AI

Vollm is on a mission to revolutionize customer support services. They employ advanced AI-driven voice robots to enhance customer interactions. Unlike traditional voice robots, Vollm’s solution offers expanded problem-solving capabilities, providing customers with more efficient and natural interactions. Their innovative approach is set to transform the customer support landscape.

These 20 innovative startups have been carefully selected to participate in StepFWD Together’s Phase 1 program. Over the next seven months, they will embark on a transformative journey of mentorship, development, and growth. Stay tuned to witness their remarkable progress as they strive to make a significant impact on their respective industries and the tech ecosystem of CEE Region.