Extracta.ai: Pioneering AI-Powered Data Extraction

In the realm of artificial intelligence, a new player is emerging, shaping the future of data management with precision and innovation. Extracta.ai embarked on its journey by recognizing the untapped potential of AI and large language models, pivoting from a custom software development company to a trailblazer in the AI space. From Vision to Reality The genesis of Extracta.ai was marked by a revelation of the transformative power of AI.

TinyERP: Simplifying Business Operations with Smart Technology

In today’s digital age, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) often grapple with complex operations that can hinder their growth and efficiency. TinyERP has emerged as a beacon of innovation, dedicated to untangling these complexities through their versatile and user-friendly Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. The Journey to Innovation The inspiration behind TinyERP’s inception was straightforward: to resolve the everyday intricate tasks businesses face using smart, straightforward technology. From the outset,

Building the Right Startup Team: Insights from Tudor Birlea

As we gear up for the next phase of StepFWD Together, we’re thrilled to announce that Tudor Birlea, Founder & CEO at Freya Sense and a seasoned entrepreneur, will be leading our workshop on ‘Building a Team’. With his rich experience in the startup ecosystem and a keen understanding of consumer psychology, Tudor brings invaluable insights to the table. We sat down with him to delve deeper into the nuances

Listen. Learn. Lead.

I want to tell you three real stories about the ups and downs of founding a startup, building a team and growing a business. There’s a lesson in each of these stories and my aim for this presentation is not to provide you with more answers, as it’s usually the case with these kinds of presentations, but for you to have more and deeper questions about why you’re doing what

StepFWD Stories – Dahna

Curious about the 2020 Cohort startups? Next in line is Dahna.  DAHNA is the first application for the heart diet that prevents cardiovascular and associated diseases by assigning personalized daily menus according to the cardio-metabolic profile. It is created with the expertise of cardiologists and nutritionists. In addition, it is your hologram expert and integrated into augmented reality, a guide throughout the nutrition process from the moment you choose what

StepFWD Stories – Acertivo

Let’s explore our amazing 2020 cohort. In the spotlight for today is Acertivo,  the Mindest Fitness Gym for productivity in the workplace and beyond. The Team behind the startup  Hi guys. I’m Toni Gherca. I started Acertivo almost a year ago, together with two other co-founders: Irina Paraschiv, our Lead Scientist, and Lucian Ghinda, in charge of software engineering. Currently, my role is primarily in Product Management. This is our

Startup Stories – Edith Karda, Medinfo

Edith Karda has developed a web app called Medinfo. And although it started out as a her college graduation project, it has managed to win an award and gather a lot of media attention in a very short period of time. After talking with Edith for 20 minutes, it became obvious why: her app warns users about interactions between drugs or between drugs and food. It solves a very real and