Curious about the 2020 Cohort startups? Next in line is Dahna

DAHNA is the first application for the heart diet that prevents cardiovascular and associated diseases by assigning personalized daily menus according to the cardio-metabolic profile. It is created with the expertise of cardiologists and nutritionists. In addition, it is your hologram expert and integrated into augmented reality, a guide throughout the nutrition process from the moment you choose what to eat to the moment you have food on your plate.

The Team behind the startup 

Dahna is one product develop by CardioScience. We are 2 founders with vast experience in the economic field and medical.  We want to develop long-term and sustainable partnerships with outsourcing partners in order to cover all roles needed in developing the application.

My name is Daniela Tatu-Chițoiu and I have management skills with a proven record of accomplishment in business during my 15-year career. I’m a change manager focused on enhancing revenue and streamlining business operations, diligent in driving profit maximization.  My co-founder is Gabriel Tatu-Chițoiu, an experienced cardiologist, author of 4 medical books, and numerous scientific papers. His medical expertise was consolidated with many certifications in Europe and his merits were recognized by multiple partnerships and involvements in cardiovascular projects. Gabriel Tatu-Chițoiu is a Fellow of the European Society of Cardiology, and he oversaw the “Applied Cardiology” program launched by the Romanian Society of Cardiology.

Why did you choose the StepFWD program?

We choose the StepFWD program for workshops on various topics, mentoring, to have access to a network of mentors, investors, and professionals in the local ecosystem. Our expectations after this program are to know better how to validate our assumptions, to iterate quickly, to find out more quickly how to launch the product on the market but especially to identify the most suitable distribution and sales channels.

Why did you pick this project to work on?

I pick Dahna for attaining new skills while doing various tasks, for the pioneering mindset of innovative people, the novel approach of my all team, especially for me as founder, will help me to see the other side of the coin and approach things in an unusual way. 

Also, for the joy and pride of building something from scratch, for positive energy which not only makes me feel good about myself but also will reward me in the long term when the organization will be well-established and steadily growing. 

Dahna is a product made by CardioScience. CardioScience was founded in 2018 and aims to become one of the best providers specialized in creating and disseminating knowledge about the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. The mission of CardioScience is to increase the level of knowledge of each person, promoting the right to access correct information, educating the public in identifying and combating cardiovascular risk factors, and other non-communicable diseases.