The 2020 Cohort has a lot of flavors. Today, we have in the spotlight Weddplanner, the platform created in the form of a guide that contains essential tools and all the steps necessary to plan a wedding

The Team behind the startup 

Hi. I’m Tania. My husband and I are very passionate about software development and finding efficient solutions to day to day problems, in general. We love building stuff that can improve our lives and why not others too.

Why did you choose the StepFWD program?

StepFWD seemed to be a very serious and useful program for start-ups and after a few weeks in the program, I can confirm this. StepFWD is full of awesome people, professionals that are willing to give us valuable information and tailored solutions for our business.

Why did you pick this project to work on?

We started the Weddplanner project because we figured it out that with our skills we can help many women that struggle with planning a wedding. Especially nowadays when our time is limited and we are always on the run, we need more flexibility and mobility in everything we do.  

Weddplanner is the platform that helps the users plan the wedding with predefined tools that automate the organization process. 

Let’s find more about their plans at Demo Day 2020!