Edith Karda has developed a web app called Medinfo. And although it started out as a her college graduation project, it has managed to win an award and gather a lot of media attention in a very short period of time.

After talking with Edith for 20 minutes, it became obvious why: her app warns users about interactions between drugs or between drugs and food. It solves a very real and painful problem not only for patients, but also for pharmacists and doctors. 

As a technical startup founder, it’s easy to get trapped in the solution that we are developing. We are fascinated with the technology and the inner workings of our product. But, we always have to remind ourselves that a product is created (or should be created) for the purpose of solving a problem.

Why did you pick this project to work on?

Combining computer science and medicine in some way has been a wish of mine for a long time. I decided to start this project after having a discussion with my mom, who is a doctor, about the difficulties related to drug intake.

How could the healthcare system change if people started widely using your app?

Patients would be more conscious about the possible food and drug interactions of the drugs they have to take and change their diet if needed. My app would also help physicians and pharmacists prescribe drugs cautiously with only suitable food supplements and mentioning the dietary restrictions if necessary.

Do you plan to continue working on this app and launch it on the market?

The positive feedback I got really motivated me to continue my work. I believe that my app would make a difference and help people, so my answer is yes. 

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