The first startup in the series about our incredible 2020 cohort is Lopi.Ai, SAAS-based API. We help customers of online stores find their wanted products easily, provide visual search capabilities and enhance product discoverability.

The Team behind the startup 

Lopi.Ai has a diverse team based in Bucharest and Brasov, Romania.

The company started with 3 founders, Andrei Dore (CTO), Andrei Pirvulescu (CEO), and Cristina Oprea (COO). All of them are passionate about retail innovation and unique retail technology.

Andrei Pirvulescu and Cristina Oprea are also founders of QTeam Software Solutions, a software consultancy company founded almost 5 years ago. When they needed a super engineer with tremendous experience in image recognition, they met Andrei Dore (over 20 years of experience in software development), and they have been working together since then on different types of projects.

In the summer of 2020, they decided to create a product to increase sales for online stores like home and deco, fashion, etc.

Why did you choose the StepFWD program

We chose StepFWD because of the stage we were in before entering the program – an early stage of the startup, and we believe it was an excellent choice because we feel we advanced months and not weeks.

Why did you pick this project to work on?

We give the customers a straightforward way to buy precisely what they need, in just 3 clicks, through visual search, similar products, and auto-tagging of the product attributes in the online retailer’s webstore.

We decided on this project because of a personal and very relatable story. We were also in the shoes of the online stores’ customers, given if it’s fashion or home and deco. We lost huge amounts of time searching for specific products, like a round table, similar products, going through entire pages of products, because the products did not have specific attributes. Another reason for choosing this project was the passion for the technology behind it – machine learning and artificial intelligence. We’re still geeks at core:)