The 2021 cohort has a lot of flavors. Today’s pitstop is an AI startup – ettico

The team behind this startup is a team with good vibes who build AI models that helps the e-commerce industry. 

So what is ettico? The solution wants to improve eCommerce Stores with No-Code AI.

The Team behind the startup

We started ettico back in 2020 with the idea of creating a platform that anyone, regardless of experience or background, can use to set up automation and machine learning solutions faster than through traditional methods. Today, we are a team of 9 people from different backgrounds, making AI adoption easier for the eCommerce industry.

The “why” behind this project

We wanted to improve the revenue and customer experience of our own eCommerce shops, so naturally, we started playing around with machine learning solutions. 

Since we are programmers by trade and experience designers at heart, we combined the best of both worlds into a no-code platform that allows anyone to integrate ML/AI solutions into their business or hobby. 

Using our experience to help others achieve more is something that has always motivated us.

Good match with the StepFWD program?

We needed help with our go-to-market, pricing, and fundraising strategies and out of all the pre-accelerators we looked at, StepFWD seemed like a great choice to enrich these topics. All the mentors have a lot of experience in areas like product, sales, and leadership, and are all very helpful and fun to work with.

See the team in action at Demo Day! Save your spot 👉