Each day 6K tons of food are thrown away in Romania. Do you wanna visualize? The team CleverEat says that 6 tons are approximately equal to 235 trains or 146 food-filled planes. 

Sounds scary, right?

CleverEat proposes a clever way of fighting food waste. 

Let’s see their cause and the team behind this idea. 

The Team behind the startup

We are a “small” team of 5. The co-founders, Marius and Rareș are marketers, which helped us greatly in our quest of finding people who want to fight food waste.

Begy is a natural talent in programming, she’s so passionate about software that she even makes Rareș think about getting into the geek stuff.

The newest members, Călin Ile and Nassim Abu Rjala are here to help us develop the project like never before – with connections in HoReCa, Retail and the Tech Industry.

The “why” behind this project

We felt like it was the right time for Romania to start the fight, just like the rest of Europe. We wanted to give back to the community and develop something of ourselves.

Good match with the StepFWD program?

After it was recommended by so many awesome people? How couldn’t we?

It’s our first step into the entrepreneurship life – so we needed the networking and we needed to opportunity to learn and shine. StepFWD helped us 10x more than we expected. And we expected a lot.

Don’t miss their pitch at the Demo Day Event!