The interaction with the next team was flawless from the beginning. This is because the founders are so dedicated, and their mission is to bring inner peace closer to us. The selection interview was the first contact in the context of StepFWD, and we know that it’s a perfect match. 

Guessed the team? Well…  Today we find more things about Ema and Chris, the people that build Bright Living.

Bright Living is creating digital tools for inner peace. 

Let’s find out more about their work from them 🙏

The Team behind the startup

We’re Chris and Ema, and we believe that transforming the inner world transforms the outside world.

Ema left her career as a communication specialist in education to teach people to find their inner peace. She is a guide for Yoga and meditation and founded Bright Living to increase access to mental health in Romania. For Bright Living, she is CEO, trainer, teacher, content creator, and communication manager.

Chris is an award-winning filmmaker and photographer with a background in anthropology. For Bright Living, he is the behind-the-scenes hero, managing everything related to product and audio-visual production.

The “why” behind this project

It is our mission to increase access to practices such as meditation and Yoga in Romania. We want to give people a context to practice meditation and yoga while educating our audience and answering their pressing questions and concerns about these practices. Unfortunately, there is no such context in Romania, so we are stepping in to create it.

Good match with the StepFWD program?

We knew that within StepFWD, we would gain access to a network of amazing people who would help us grow and reach our mission. StepFWD has been an incubator for our idea, a context to learn, gain feedback, and, well… step forward 😎

Don’t miss their pitch in the final Demo Day StepFWD on November 22. Reserve your seat 👇