70% of the recycled materials are contaminated. All the efforts can be optimized with smart solutions. 

Polymore is the platform that offers automatic detection of wrongly sorted waste.

The Team behind the startup

We are a team of 5 devoted completely to the mission of eliminating plastic waste pollution through technology. With our engineering background, we have interesting discussions regularly on maths, physics, and chemistry. Our colleague, Iohana, balances things out with marketing and business.

The “why” behind this project

We work on our product because we believe this is the only way to have a major impact in the education regarding correct waste sorting, with the use of technology. It is different and hard to solve, but necessary to have data from every waste collecting truck.

Good match with the StepFWD program?

StepFWD is a program that was recommended to us and we are really glad we participated! We chose it because of the hard work it requires.

Are you curious about their progress and next plans? Join them at the Demo Day Event!