Last week we announced a new partnership with Orange Romania, offering extra opportunities for startups from our 2020 edition. This year, one of the participating teams will be supported by Orange and receive dedicated mentorship from Orange Fab professionals. The winning startup should activate in one of the following verticals: 5G & networks of the future, IoT and connected objects, smart city & mobility, security, fintech, smart retail, media & entertainment, health & lifestyle, people & future of work, digital education.

Benefits provided by Orange

The StepFWD startup that will be supported by Orange can benefit from extra perks, such as:

  • Access to dedicated connectivity infrastructure like 5G, LoRaWAN or LTE-M
  • Access to Orange’s secured IoT platform for objects and data management, Live Objects
  • Access to Orange APIs like WiFi Smart City Data Feed or Anonymized BIS Cyber Security Events
  • Access to 5G resources and platforms developed in Horizon 2020 research projects SLICENET, MATILDA, 5G-EVE and 5G-VICTORI
  • On-demand mentoring sessions with Orange Fab mentors 

As Cristian Pațachia, Development & Innovation Manager la Orange România, says:

“We are looking forward to meeting new interesting teams that can be a good fit for Orange Romania’s development and innovation ecosystem. We can support startups with access to technical and business expertise, the latest equipment and connectivity infrastructure, as well as opportunities to participate together with Orange Romania in Horizon 2020 or Horizon Europe research projects.”

Cristian Pațachia, Development & Innovation Manager la Orange România

Dedicated Lead Mentorship

At StepFWD, we take mentorship very seriously. We are very fortunate to have 50+ wonderful entrepreneurs, investors and industry professionals as mentors, who are genuinely interested in supporting first-time and early-stage entrepreneurs to make their mark on the work. 

This year we have taken mentorship even further, by introducing the concept of lead mentors. Each team will have a dedicated lead mentor who they will meet on a weekly basis. For the team supported by Orange, the lead mentor will be Monica Obogeanu, Startup Programs Manager at Orange. Monica has more than 10 years’ experience in the tech startups ecosystem. She has led multiple startup support programs, has worked in startups herself and is currently facilitating Orange’s relationship with innovative startups, through the Orange Fab corporate accelerator.

“StepFWD is a great opportunity for us to support inclusivity and startup education at a stage just below the one we are looking for in Orange Fab teams. When it comes to startups working with larger companies – whether you’re looking to sell your products to enterprises or establish other types of partnerships, there’s an important common knowledge the both entities need to develop. I’m looking forward to navigating this together with the team I’ll be lead-mentoring, so they’ll bring a great product to market.”

Monica Obogeanu, Startup Programs Manager at Orange Romania.

As startups, we need that helping hand to navigate the corporate world. And we need people like Monica who understand both worlds – startups and corporate – to bridge the gap between them. Such help can be priceless.

In conclusion

Startups are hard, no question about that. And, as always, we strongly believe in helping the next generation of tech entrepreneurs to achieve their potential. That’s why we are excited by this new partnership with Orange Romania. For one of the startups in the 2020 program, working closely with Orange Fab professionals can be that extra step required for validating the product and taking it to market.

Let’s do this together: StepFWD today!