StepFWD is the pre-accelerator for early-stage tech startups with diverse teams that are planning to launch their product on the market and grow their business. This year’s edition takes place between September 28 and November 23. The teams will showcase their progress throughout the program at the StepFWD 2020 Demo Day on November 23. 

The finalist teams

StepFWD is a program for early-stage tech startups and first-time founders who are working on their startup idea and are developing their product. For the 2020 edition, we have selected 10 teams that are between MVP all to way to the revenue stream. The finalist teams are as follow:

Acertivo – A solution that delivers protocols from psychotherapy to users in a familiar gym-like format, with pre-defined routines and individual assistance from licensed therapists.

Better Speech Coach – An online platform that helps people become more confident speaking in public.

Dahna – The first heart diet application, which makes cardiovascular prevention, which helps people keep a healthy heart, (by assigning personalized daily menus depending on your own cardiovascular and metabolic profile) an application created with the expertise of cardiologists and approved by nutritionists. enables businesses to easily document, manage, and apply their internal procedures and processes. Our platform enables team members to actively run procedures and keep them up to date as their company evolves.

Licenseware is a software asset management ecosystem. A suite of applications that process unstructured data and generate insights customers use to manage their software assets.

Lopi.AI – SAAS based API which provides visual search capabilities and enhances product discoverability.

Oxoa Research – A platform that will allow the user to configure a custom data pipeline, to explore and extract useful information from big quantities of data (structured or unstructured), in any format (text, image, audio, video, data streams). 

Quandary Systems – Optimization of the payment processing flow by routing transactions to the best payment provider – The platform that helps busy parents to find verified and trusted babysitters.

Weddplanner – Platform created in the form of a guide that contains all the planning steps. It contains predefined tools that automate the organization process. Also, because it is online, it offers mobility.