It’s time to show you the amazing teams that joined our program this year. The 2021 cohort is the 3rd cohort. The magic number, right?

They come from a diverse range of industries and just to name a few – well-being, medtech all the way to human resources and music industry.

Let’s dig in.

Bright Living brings the mental health support platform in Romania through audiovisual content with mindfulness and wellbeing practices (meditation, Yoga) in the Romanian language.

CleverEatA marketplace where partners can sell the surplus food as a surprise menu at a lower price than normal for customers who will come to the store to pick up the food at the mentioned time set by the restaurants.

ClientZen – SAAS that measures the client happiness for B2B service providers in real-time by scanning the communication between the stakeholders and generating actionable insights. 

Ettico helps eCommerce companies configure and install specialized machine learning solutions that grow their business.

Foni – An easy-to-use, intuitive app that guides you through the process of filling digital health records.

gopostly – Buy and send stuff directly home when you travel, without having to worry about big luggage, using our tourist and shop-connected apps.

HiringDNA – a modular platform that automates recruitment processes and crafts deep profiles of candidates using AI.

Leelo – ​​a modular application that helps you manage your company much smarter like a personal assistant for your company.

PolyMore – a solution for waste collectors to detect the contamination points in the process of collecting recyclable waste, through a visible spectrum camera system and computer vision algorithm.

Underdog Station – a multimedia platform that will gather time-tested concepts implemented for years in the field of music tv (music videos,  news, interviews, original programming) and bring them into the new and expanding digital world.

StepFWD is organized in partnership with Google for Startups & Orange România.