Let’s begin to introduce to you the amazing teams that are part of the 2021 Cohort of StepFWD pre-accelerator!

The first one in the spotlight is … gopostly

gopostly is the app that connects tourists with shops and couriers worldwide. 

gopostly Team

Let’s find out more about the founders.

The Team behind the startup

Cosmin: We started this startup journey as two gopostly co-founders, with the goal of creating a useful product for the majority of tourists, bringing together my long experience in business development and advertising, with Victor’s complementary experience in IT and mobile apps.

Victor: We take advantage of our knowledge on different subjects to successfully build our start-up.

The “why” behind this project

Victor: The idea of a start-up always came into my mind and with gopostly it can finally take shape. A nice idea that solves a problem together with a tech challenge? Sign me up.

Cosmin: After many trips, you always run into a problem you can’t easily solve, and when you talk to many others who always run into the same problem, you come to the conclusion that you have to do something. That was our story at the beginning, the need to solve a common problem for many people who travel, and to make their experiences easier and fun.

Good match with the StepFWD program?

Cosmin: After learning about StepFWD, we applied and were lucky enough to be accepted into the program. It was definitely one of the most useful business development experiences we’ve had. The quality of the mentors is exemplary and the program is very well structured. The community we are now part of is the biggest win, a network of mentors and founders who become friends.

Victor: Great mentors and speakers combined with a well-structured curriculum are definitely a selling point. With StepFWD we learn how to grow from a garage start-up to an office start-up.

The team will showcase the business in the Demo Day event on Nov 22, 2021! Sign up to be there at the Demo Day StepFWD event.