The 3rd startup in our mini-series StepFWD Stories is  Their product is a curated marketplace where you can get inspired, discover, and book recreational activities and courses.

Why did you pick this project to work on?

Thinking outside the box, having a healthy work-life balance, and especially seeing that you’re capable of anything if you have the right mindset, has changed my life. Awesome activities helped me get on the right path, have the right mindset and motivation,  and I want to share this ‘secret formula’ to all other people as well.

How could the local events ecosystem change if people started widely using your app?

Our main goal is that more and more people start feeling better and improve themselves. These activities make you a more motivated and determined person, a more organized one, and help you have the courage to dive into projects you previously were afraid to start and drive them to completion.

What are the next steps for you and your startup?

I am a huge consumer of activities and I will still be years to come.

The next step for the startup is to launch the MVP and evolve it along with people’s needs. Also to create a lot of content (especially video) so that people get a more real feeling of how it feels to be there.

StepFWD Stories is an interview series with the graduated startups from StepFWD, the 6-week pre-accelerator for tech startups with gender-balanced teams.