HiringDNA proposes a solution that redefines the way of hiring. 

Did you have a not so pleasant experience in the process of hiring? Let’s see how they want to revolutionize the industry.

The Team behind the startup

We have worked for quite a while together, building amazing products for other businesses and startups. We all have technical backgrounds, but Teodor made a transition to business in the last few years.

It was only the right move to start this journey together and finally create our own thing.

The “why” behind this project

We picked it so we could solve a problem that we have met ourselves: slow, expensive, and biased hiring. Nobody seems to be able to completely solve this problem so we thought, why not us?

Good match with the StepFWD program?

We picked StepFWD to boost our business and sales know-how, but also to learn how to better launch and scale our product

Are you curious about their progress and next plans? Join them at the Demo Day Event!