We believe in a sustainable way of doing entrepreneurship, one in which you take care of yourself as a founder, and have principles and values in the process.


Liviu Cadariu

Program Director

Liviu has co-founded We For Real, the simple no-bullshit approach to helping companies kick-start their communities. In the past, he has been the Event Manager of TechHub Bucharest, the co-working space and meeting place for the Bucharest tech community.

Liviu has been part of the early teams of 3 startup projects, which, although unsuccessful, proved to be the fastest learning curve in his career. There are 3 things that any founder should look at from day 1: choose your co-founders wisely, know who will be paying for your product, and focus on the customer, not the idea!


Alex Dinu

Marketing Manager

Alex is a marketing and communication expert with over 15 years of experience in the field. With a genuine passion for diversity, inclusiveness, and intersectionality, Alex started working with startups almost a decade ago and previously contributed to a preaccelerator program for startups. With a strong commitment to empowering diverse teams, Alex is dedicated to fostering innovation and growth, making them a valuable addition to the StepFWD Together team.


Giorgiana Violeta Vlăsceanu

Program Manager

Digital human being. Tech & education enthusiast. Giorgiana inspires tech power through programs dedicated to high school and college students. She has over 15 years of experience in organizing events in NGOs and in academia, who have helped over 100 students kickstart their careers in tech.


Daniel Dragomir

Managing Partner

Daniel is the Co-founder of TechHub Bucharest. Daniel is a community builder and experienced project manager, actively supporting the Romanian tech startup ecosystem and its development. He has co-founded and managed TechHub Bucharest in the past.


Alexandra Anghel

Managing Partner

Alexandra is Director of AI Engineering at Algolia. She was previously co-founder and CTO at MorphL, a platform that uses Machine Learning and BigData to predict users behavior in digital products and services, until January 2021 when MorphL was acquired by Algolia. She has a technical background and, before founding her first startup, she owned an outsourcing company.

Alexandra is an alumni of three business accelerators (2010 - Startupbootcamp in Denmark, 2016 - Prosper Women Entrepreneurs in U.S.A, 2019 - Techstars Montréal AI). In 2016, Alexandra was featured as one of the 100 successful female European startup founders by Hundert magazine. The top was also published by Forbes.