We designed StepFWD with first-time founders in mind – as a journey that takes you through different areas of expertise which are absolutely required in a start-up.

19 startups

19 teams graduated from the StepFWD program.

40 Founders

StepFWD Cohorts sum up to 40 amazing founders.

21 Female Founders

Our mission is to contribute to the diversity of tech startup local ecosystem.

9 Industries

StepFWD Alumni come from a diverse range of industries.

6 Countries

Diversity is more than gender.

200+ Applications

Each cohort has only 10 spots.


The Mental Fitness Gym™ for wellbeing in the workplace and beyond.
Cohort 2020

Better Speech Coach

A safe virtual space to challenge and overcome your public speaking fear.
Cohort 2020


The first mobile app for the heart diet that prevents cardiovascular and associated diseases by assigning personalized daily menus according to the cardio-metabolic profile.
Cohort 2020 enables businesses to easily document, manage, and apply their internal procedures and processes.
Cohort 2020

Epic Visits

A curated booking platform that helps thematic and unconventional space owners boost their visibility & increase their profits.
Cohort 2019

Hey, Be Well!

A marketplace for online classes and micro-services in the well-being industry.
Cohort 2019

Hire up

Peer-to-Peer recruitment platform that rewards successful referrals.
Cohort 2019


Ecosystem that brings companies and employees closer through flexible work.
Cohort 2019


Software asset management apps ecosystem.
Cohort 2020


SAAS based API which provides visual search capabilities and enhances product discoverability.
Cohort 2020


A curated app where you can find and book many awesome activities.
Cohort 2019


Maponia helps transport & logistics companies increase their ROI offering truck drivers time and autonomy by efficient route planning.
Cohort 2019

Oxoa Research

Natural search & recommendation in real estate marketplaces.
Cohort 2020

Quandary Systems

Payment Processing Optimization as a Service.
Cohort 2020


The platform that helps busy parents to find verified and trusted babysitters.
Cohort 2020

The Cast List

An all-in-one casting platform, working as a meeting point for actors and directors or producers, bringing together professionals from all corners of the industry.
Cohort 2019


Wealth management marketplace driven by social interaction.
Cohort 2019


The platform created in the form a guide that contains essential tools and all the planning steps for a wedding.
Cohort 2020

Zoom Report

A web platform for exploring localized data. It saves time and helps the user make informed decisions.
Cohort 2019