The 2020 Cohort of StepFWD has a lot of flavors. We want to showcase all the amazing things that the startups from this year try to build. The first startup for this series is, the platform that helps busy parents to find verified and trusted babysitters.

The Team behind the startup 

Laura, Co-Founder and COO, is a former babysitter with over 8 years of experience in childcare, human resources specialist, and the „parents whisperer”. 

Ovidiu, Co-Founder and CEO, is a former business analyst, the opportunity seeker, risk-taker, and marketing enthusiast, an endless source of motivation and positivity. 

Denis, developer, former BI developer, is adaptable to change (that happens every other day in our business), passionate about learning, and always ready to crack a joke. 

We are highly motivated, eager to learn, and to constantly improve ourselves and our business. 

Ovidiu, Co-founder and CEO

Why did you choose the StepFWD program?

We chose the StepFWD program to accelerate our growth. Having access to such great mentors helps us learn from their mistakes and their great experience in the business field. This is a huge opportunity for us, as a start-up, to get personalized advice and insights on how we can improve our business.

Why did you pick this project to work on?

We started creating Sitter based on a real need, that we have noticed when Laura was working as a babysitter. She was being contacted by many families, all of them in need of help with childcare, complaining that there isn’t another option to get in touch with babysitters. Laura couldn’t help them all, so we decided to do something even better: a solution to their problem, that they can access whenever they need a helping hand.  

Curious about their current progress? See their startup showcase at Demo Day 2020 on November 23. Register here.