One of our cool startups from the 2019 cohort is Epic Visits.

Epic Visits is the booking platform dedicated to thematic and unconventional stays for memorable experiences.

Why did you pick this project to work on?

In January 2019, we opened a thematic apartment that recreates the story of a family from the communist period. You can call it a living museum. The project helped us understand two things: 

  1. It’s very hard to differentiate on traditional booking platforms (less than 10% of the visitors came via those platforms). 
  2. People are willing to pay for valuable experiences. So we decided to take a step forward and help other owners who have valuable places such as Ferestroika be more visible. And this is the mission of Epic Visits.

How could you describe a thematic & unconventional space?

To be on Epic Visits, you have to respect one of the following criteria. The place should have a specific theme (living museum, book/movie, a concept), or it should be unconventional (glamping, treehouse, etc). Instaworthy places that offer travelers an experience, not just bed and breakfast. This is a curated platform, which means that every place on the platform has been visited and approved by our staff.

What are the next steps for you and your startup?

We will focus on the selection of epic spaces and experiences from Romania and then reach other European countries.