StepFWD Stories – Zoom Report

StepFWD Stories is an interview series with the graduated startups from StepFWD, the 6-week pre-accelerator for tech startups with gender-balanced teams. We start this series with Zoom Report, a web data platform where you can find all public statistical data a business needs in a way that’s easy to access, read and understand. With a high level of granularity, you can drill down to the community level. Why did you

StepFWD Demo Day – It’s your time to shine

The Demo Day has marked the end of the first StepFWD pre-accelerator. During the event, the 9 graduating startups have showcased their products in front of an audience of entrepreneurs, investors, industry professionals, and the extended community.   Throughout the 6 weeks, the selected startups have been through an intensive experience. StepFWD has brought together 47 mentors with diverse backgrounds, from entrepreneurs and investors, all the way to professionals from the

Save the date! November 25, Demo Day

StepFWD, the pre-accelerator made by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, is inviting you to the 2019 Demo Day! The participating startups will be showcasing their achievements and will share the next steps in their entrepreneurial journey. Be sure to RSVP your spot for November 25, starting at 17:00 at Apolo 111. About the Demo Day Mentors, investors, community partners, corporates, press attendees are invited together with the broader community to the StepFWD

StepFWD has started with 11 teams entering the program

StepFWD is the pre-accelerator for early-stage tech startups with diverse teams that are planning to launch their product on the market and grow their business. The 2019 edition takes place between October 14 and November 25. The teams will showcase their progress throughout the program at the StepFWD Demo Day on November 25.  The official launch event has brought the finalist teams together with partners, mentors, and the StepFWD team.

Last week of applications at StepFWD, a 6-week pre-accelerator organized by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs

StepFWD is a pre-accelerator for early-stage tech startups that aims to encourage diversity in the startup ecosystem. StepFWD is created by Codette together with TechHub Bucharest and is a pre-accelerator organized by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. Applications are opened by September 29 on the program’s website Organized in partnership with Google for Startups and supported by the US Embassy in Romania, StepFWD aims to support early-stage tech startups that have

What to expect when joining a (pre-)accelerator program

As I prepare to join Techstars Montreal AI 2019, I realize that setting the right goals before beginning the journey of going through an accelerator is mandatory. This is my third experience of participating in an accelerator, having been through Startupbootcamp (Copenhagen / 2010) and Prosper Women Entrepreneurs (U.S. / 2016) with my previous startup. So I already have a set of expectations and assumptions that will be refined at

Shadowing Techstars

We at StepFWD strive every day to make one the best programs for tech entrepreneurs in Romania. And although our team has experience both with organizing and participating in acceleration programs, we are aware that we still have a lot to learn. So it seemed natural to go and shadow those that helped shape the concept of an accelerator, which are also one of the top 3 acceleration programs in

Startup Stories – Edith Karda, Medinfo

Edith Karda has developed a web app called Medinfo. And although it started out as a her college graduation project, it has managed to win an award and gather a lot of media attention in a very short period of time. After talking with Edith for 20 minutes, it became obvious why: her app warns users about interactions between drugs or between drugs and food. It solves a very real and

How to find the right co-founder for your startup?

A startup is a mix of team, product and market. It all starts with the team – the base on everything else is built. In this case – how do we choose the right co-founders for our startup? Are they friends, family, colleagues or complete strangers? If you’re here, you definitely thought about it and maybe planned to start a business. Maybe you have found the problem you want to

What I’ve learned from my failed startups

When I started thinking about writing this article, I faced a dilemma. Should I share some “classical” startup learnings packaged in a standard format that you can find in other million articles? Or should I risk writing bluntly and honestly about what actually happened? When faced with these 2 options, I took 10 seconds of hard thinking before I  decided to go with the second approach. I am aware that