StepFWD Stories – Lopi.AI

The first startup in the series about our incredible 2020 cohort is Lopi.Ai, SAAS-based API. We help customers of online stores find their wanted products easily, provide visual search capabilities and enhance product discoverability. The Team behind the startup  Lopi.Ai has a diverse team based in Bucharest and Brasov, Romania. The company started with 3 founders, Andrei Dore (CTO), Andrei Pirvulescu (CEO), and Cristina Oprea (COO). All of them are

StepFWD Stories – Licenseware

Licenseware is the software asset management app ecosystem. The Team behind the startup  Software is eating the world. It’s been less than a century since the first modern theory of software. We’ve gone such a long way, so fast. It’s hard for us to imagine now, how the world used to work before computers. Businesses are being disrupted worldwide, and remaining relevant, every company needs to become a software company.

StepFWD Stories – Dahna

Curious about the 2020 Cohort startups? Next in line is Dahna.  DAHNA is the first application for the heart diet that prevents cardiovascular and associated diseases by assigning personalized daily menus according to the cardio-metabolic profile. It is created with the expertise of cardiologists and nutritionists. In addition, it is your hologram expert and integrated into augmented reality, a guide throughout the nutrition process from the moment you choose what

StepFWD Stories – Weddplanner

The 2020 Cohort has a lot of flavors. Today, we have in the spotlight Weddplanner, the platform created in the form of a guide that contains essential tools and all the steps necessary to plan a wedding The Team behind the startup  Hi. I’m Tania. My husband and I are very passionate about software development and finding efficient solutions to day to day problems, in general. We love building stuff

StepFWD Stories – Acertivo

Let’s explore our amazing 2020 cohort. In the spotlight for today is Acertivo,  the Mindest Fitness Gym for productivity in the workplace and beyond. The Team behind the startup  Hi guys. I’m Toni Gherca. I started Acertivo almost a year ago, together with two other co-founders: Irina Paraschiv, our Lead Scientist, and Lucian Ghinda, in charge of software engineering. Currently, my role is primarily in Product Management. This is our

StepFWD Stories –

In the spotlight for this edition of the 2020 Cohort Showcase is . ( is a web platform that helps companies document, apply, and track their internal processes and procedures so that their teams can always rely on relevant, updated information. The Team behind the startup ( was founded by Doru Arfire and Ana Dragnea. Doru has been developing technology for more than 20 years. His main

StepFWD Stories – Better Speech Coach

Our next amazing startup from 2020 Cohort is Better Speech Coach, a safe space that empowers you to overcome your public speaking fear. The Team behind the startup  I’m Teo and I am a public speaking trainer at Better Speech Coach.  Over the last few years, I have gained experience in areas such as recruitment, training and coaching and I noticed that oftentimes, the people around me were afraid to

StepFWD Stories –

The 2020 Cohort of StepFWD has a lot of flavors. We want to showcase all the amazing things that the startups from this year try to build. The first startup for this series is, the platform that helps busy parents to find verified and trusted babysitters. The Team behind the startup  Laura, Co-Founder and COO, is a former babysitter with over 8 years of experience in childcare, human resources

10 teams join StepFWD 2020

StepFWD is the pre-accelerator for early-stage tech startups with diverse teams that are planning to launch their product on the market and grow their business. This year’s edition takes place between September 28 and November 23. The teams will showcase their progress throughout the program at the StepFWD 2020 Demo Day on November 23.  The finalist teams StepFWD is a program for early-stage tech startups and first-time founders who are

One StepFWD startup will be supported by Orange

Last week we announced a new partnership with Orange Romania, offering extra opportunities for startups from our 2020 edition. This year, one of the participating teams will be supported by Orange and receive dedicated mentorship from Orange Fab professionals. The winning startup should activate in one of the following verticals: 5G & networks of the future, IoT and connected objects, smart city & mobility, security, fintech, smart retail, media &